FIRE & REIGN MINISTRIES (FARM), was founded by Pastor KUL BAL (Fondly known as Pastor KUL), an Anointed Revivalist who has a burning passion to see ALL NATIONS come to know JESUS & living in the fullness of  their destiny in Christ!

Pastor KUL has been an instrument to bring Fresh Anointing & revelation of  the WORD of God to Many NATIONS; as he imparts the heartbeat of God.

He has ministered in revival meetings, camps & crusades both LOCALLY in Australia & INTERNATIONALLY in various countries including US, Canada, UK, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

Prior to becoming a full time itinerant, Pastor KUL was the Senior Pastor of  HEIDELBERG INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY CENTRE (HIM CENTRE), MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA from 1999 until the middle of 2006.

As the pastor of HIM Centre, he was involved in the customary Senior Pastor work besides traveling LOCALLY & INTERNATIONALLY to conduct revival  meetings. He has also been networking and supporting other pastors with prayer and encouragement throughout his ministry.


Pastor KUL was born in Ipoh, Malaysia with ancestors hailing from North India (Punjab). Prior to moving Scotland, Pastor KUL lived in several cities in Malaysia and much in Kuala Lumpur - the capital city, until the age of 21.

In Scotland, he graduated in Electronics and resigned from a well-paying job as an engineer in an oil rig. He met & married his awesome Scottish wife, Elaine 28 years ago, while residing in Scotland. Pastor KUL lived in Scotland for 19 years before moving to Melbourne, Australia 11 years ago.

Personal Testimony

Pastor KUL practiced Sikhism and Hinduism all his life until he had a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with JESUS HIMSELF (what he calls as a “Damascus Road Experience”), when he lost his twins 19 years ago. Soon after that, he found himself giving up his well-paying occupation TO HONOUR the Lord’s call to serve HIM!

To read on about Pastor Kuldip’s testimony which was published in AGAPE (A Malaysian magazine)

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