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Mission East Trust Scottish Charity Number: SC 027404

On the 25th of March 1990 I sat in my car in a local park with Kul. After many months of witnessing to my wife Lesley and I from Kul and Elaine, and unbeknownst to me, The Holy Spirit was bringing me to the point of faith in my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I had given them both a real rough ride over those months but they never gave up on me. They never watered down the message, they never made it easy by telling me that if I accepted Christ all my troubles would go away, no they stuck to the truth, I was a sinner and I needed forgiveness and the only way I would get that from God was through Jesus. Kul even told me that if anything things may even get harder as living in this world as a believer was not going to be easy. Jesus has had me in His grip ever since for which I am so grateful because on many occasions any one else would have let me go.

Seed produces after its own kind and so, like Kul, I went on to Bible College and served as a Pastor for a few years before going on to preach the gospel and teach the word in over 40 countries with signs and wonders following.

So if you want to see people won for Christ, set free and sent out through your church, that will go on to be ravenous soul winners who walk in the Power of The Holy Spirit Kul is your man.

Greg Dixon Founder: International Friends of Compassion (Europe) and Mission East Trust.

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