Former drug addict gave his heart to God. Was saved & baptized in the HS immediately. His mum received a word of knowledge that someone was healed of drug issue & she was healed of bad depression instantly.

Completely healed of pain in side & spine by the Lord.

During prayers, her stomach was in turmoil (as if something was moving inside as though a snake or serpent was moving) but was delivered and healed by God's fire.

Received Word of knowledge that she was barren & got her family curse broken.

Healed of back & rib pains.

Boy healed of asthma - mom brought him forward after word of knowledge & mom is confident that boy is healed

Complete deliverance from oppression & staleness. God did wonderful things. Joy & zeal, refreshment & excitement returned! She couldn't stop laughing in the spirit & now feels topped up & refreshed. Also feels that she loves Jesus more.

Received healing

Pain in shoulders & upper arm removed. Now she can move her arms & shoulders without pain. Felt heat on her arms. Now, feels healed & blessed.

Ps. Icery's aunt's received complete instant healing of pain in knee & ligaments.

Young girl, Christine, 16 (in pink) became a Christian when Ps. Kul led her on 1x1 experience with the Lord. She wanted to experience the pleasures of the world but the preaching touched her heart & opened her heard to accept Jesus as her Lord & saviour.

She was feeling oppressed & depressed and lost hope & vitality. During the prayer session, she felt a cold black spirit leave her. Now, she is found rejoicing at the deliverance of God.

She could not lift her arms now healed by the HS.

Suffered intense pain in ribs, stomach & also migraines for 3 days. Was healed & set free instantly.

Came in crippled with clutches & God healed him completely.

Healed of shoulder problem

Received physical healing

Experienced God in a special way during Ps. Kul's ministry.

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